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Clear Communication
The primary goal of any successful dental laboratory is to provide our community of dentists with the highest quality product possible. Opus One believes that the key to a successful case is proper planning. This ensures that both the dentist’s and patient’s expectations are met – and that the expectations are realistic.

The most important part of case planning is clear communication. One-on-one collaboration between the dentist and the laboratory ensures that the desired results are achieved. For suggestions that will help give us the details we need to serve you best, click here.

Form Follows Function
To achieve perfect harmony, a precise combination of function and form must be present. At Opus One Laboratories, we know that this relationship is necessary in order to create a truly lasting masterpiece.

Opus One Laboratories are experts in the study of functional esthetics. To achieve our objectives, we must interlace esthetics with function; therefore it is our primary goal to establish a correlative relationship in the mouth. When restoring occlusion, we are maintaining all of the structures that comprise the stomatognathic system, thereby bringing the system to an ideal state of health.


Our full-mouth restorations are more than just esthetically pleasing. They are carefully planned in collaboration with you in order to maximize appearance and ensure functionality.

Beauty with Substance
At Opus One Laboratories, we understand that there are many variables involved in creating a restoration. Aside from esthetics, the function of the mouth must be taken into consideration. As leaders in the field of functional esthetics, we pride ourselves on the occlusion and implant expertise we have gained over the years. Whether the case is a complex full-mouth reconstruction or a single unit, occlusal considerations are always ensured.




Unique “shade mapping” is used to correctly communicate color.

We offer personalized analysis and planning on all of our cases and specialize in full mouth reconstruction. Case Planning from Opus One Labs provides a unique opportunity to extensively discuss a case and provide predictable results. The technicians at Opus One are trained under the principles of centric relation/centric occlusion, neuromuscular dentistry, and the most current occlusal philosophies, allowing them to fully comprehend and implement occlusal principles.

Esthetics and occlusion are key factors in our functional wax-ups. They provide the opportunity to plan the best possible esthetic outcome while carefully observing the inter-arch relationships. This serves as the blueprint upon which the fabrication of the temporaries will be based and the key to proper re-establishment of occlusal function, ultimately leading to a predictable end result.

Temporary matrices are an important aspect of occlusal rehabilitation cases. They not only allow the clinician to use them as preparation guides for proper reduction, but also are used to fabricate temporaries that perfectly duplicate what has been created in the functional wax-up.

Occlusal harmony can bring balance to the inter-digitation of dental structures and promote ideal anatomical working relationships between all associated structures of the facial skeleton, including both hard and soft tissues.

A wax-up is used in order to create a realistic rendition for the final restoration.

Robert Freeman, DDS - Westlake Village, CA

“From utilizing the Hilla Characterization guide to receiving Opus’ veneers with their Hilla Technology, my practice is forever changed in the way I approach cases. All I can say is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.”

Robert Freeman, DDS – Westlake Village, CA


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