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The Technology of Esthetics

New, unique technologies, materials and procedures are a constant. We use the latest technology to fulfill every order we receive. You can rely on us to know about the most recent and innovative materials and systems. And – the best part – all of our advancements continue to improve the way your patients feel about themselves.

We are available to you for case planning and can provide a true partnership in ensuring a successful end result. You are also welcome to call us for start-to-finish technical information. Opus One will help you find the right solution.

Mary Sue Stonisch, DDS - Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

“The technical support you get from Opus and Uri is unmatched in our industry. Working with Uri and the lab on complex cases create optimal outcomes. The reconstruction cases and cosmetic cases that I have done with Uri even 15 years ago stand out today.”

Manu Dave Kacker, DDS – Westlake Village, CA

Enamelette™ Porcelain Veneers

A Spectrum of Smiles
Enamelette™ constitutes the correct alignment of biological structures and are appropriately custom-mixed using feldspathic porcelain to achieve the desired results. In most situations, Enamelette™ enables a more conservative preparation and emphasizes the need to stay in enamel. With market understanding of the need for bleached colors, Enamelette™ provides a large spectrum that looks natural.


Balancing Esthetics and Function
By working with a diverse number of manufacturers, we incorporate a variety of new pressable technologies in order to ensure the highest level of quality and product integrity. We incorporate stain and layering techniques for unbeatable esthetics. These techniques, combined with our knowledge of function, produce a superior restoration.

Opus One is one of the only laboratories to utilize Hilla, a printed ceramic technology, that provides unparalleled beauty for no prep and minimally prepped veneers. Hilla technology provides an invisible transition to the natural tooth, provides characterization in very thin dimensions,  and allows for extremely thin contours. 


From Diagnostics to Restoration
Our treatment planning support increases case acceptance and predictability of implant procedures. Forty years of experience with a diverse number of implant systems ensure highly efficient solutions from planning to final restoration.

Encore® Bridge

The Standard for Single Tooth Replacement
Our founder’s patented design and pre-planning procedures ensure a bridge that meets specific indications and outperforms the competition with superior appearance and longevity. Encore® restorations combine two media: composite and porcelain. This provides resiliency with esthetics and is a conservative approach to single tooth replacement. The Encore® bridge comes in two components, allowing for two paths of insertion.



The Business of Blending
We apply fibers (when there is room) to all posterior composite restorations – from inlays/onlays to full coverage – to provide added strength. Blending natural color is a primary concern. Our new stratification method layers color and provides better natural blending. Opus One pressurizes every composite restoration utilizing the patented Pressure Vessel to ensure proper polymerization. Our unique polymerization method results in stronger materials, porosity-free restorations, higher polishability and resistance to wear; all of which result in an esthetically superior restoration.

Each restoration contains internally layered color coupled with a complete understanding of tooth anatomy and morphology.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

A Tried and True Prescribed Restorative Treatment
We offer several state-of-the-art porcelains for PFM restorations in a variety of colors in order to incorporate internal structures. Multiple layers of color are another example of how our lab continues to lead dental innovation. This method is ideal when restoring large reconstruction cases where long span bridges are needed or when abutments, partials or implant abutments need to be designed. The result is an esthetic masterpiece that is both stunning and functional.


The Ultimate in Strength and Beauty
Opus One was one of the first laboratories to test and use one of the first zirconia systems on the market, 3M Lava™ system. Today Opus One is dedicated to continuous testing to provide the strongest, and most esthetically pleasing zirconia available.   Zirconia is an excellent choice when it comes to accuracy of fit, strong frame design, marginal integrity, and cementability – as well as the fact that the frames are colored by preference. Incorporating Zirconia frames has resulted in incredible structural strength and reliability. Zirconia restorations, coupled with Opus One talent, provide clinically proven strength and unsurpassed esthetics.



Exclusive and Innovative
When the options of bone and tissue support (or the difficulty in growing papilla) have been exhausted, a new replacement component called Musette™ is available exclusively from Opus One. Musette™ is a composite tissue replacement that utilizes a multiplicity of color to mimic gingival and/or mucosal tissue, including veins. These components are bonded onto the restoration utilizing a proprietary technique called Fusion.

Special Effects

Just Plain Art
Uri Yarovesky’s talent as a master craftsman has provided a unique opportunity to create “special effects” products for the movie industry. The devices are fabricated using composite material. The effects are incredible.
Gary Oldman in True Romance / Jon Voight in Runaway Train


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